Technical Documentation is available at the Six Updater Wagn.


Most common issues causing the software to fail/crash/etc

  1. Corrupted or missing system files. Fix by running: sfc /scannow   from an admin command prompt.
  2. Corrupted .NET framework: Fix by reinstalling the .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile
  3. Corrupted Six Updater installation: Fix by reinstalling the software (uninstall the software, delete shortcuts, and the SIX Updater installation folder, then reinstall the latest version)
  4. Faulty security suite (Firewall/Antivirus), or modem/router firmware or settings: Exclude all SU related utilities from the security suite, make sure the software doesn't run in sandbox mode, upgrade router/modem firmware etc.
  5. Performance and Graphics related utilities e.g some Radeon utilities, Gamebooster, old TS3 Overlay plugins, etc, can cause the software to render improperly, e.g unable to use Checkboxes, black stripes / backgrounds etc.
    Upgrade or disable these software, or google for enabling "WPF Software rendering"
    You can also try upgrading your graphics drivers, and other windows updates.

Most common issues causing the game to fail/issues/etc

  1. Make sure all games are installed (e.g ARMA 2 Original, and Operation Arrowhead)
  2. Make sure both games have ran successfully (In case of Steam, run the Steam Launcher as Administrator (right click steam launcher icon, select Run as Administrator), and then run each game through it at least once)
  3. Make sure the latest game patch is installed (latest currently v1.60)
  4. In case of ArmA X, cd-key issues, try disable "Update Beta Patch" in the Options, delete the beta folder located in the ARMA 2 OA\Expansion folder, and install build 93965 manually from:
    Then just use the Launcher as usual, to update, launch and join servers.
  5. If stuck on loading screen, this might be server lag or other issue, but could also be related to BattlEye not installed for ARMA2 OA

How to revert to an older Beta version

  • Delete the Beta modfolder. Located in ARMA 2 OA\Expansion folder
  • Delete the BattlEye folder from AppData. Located in the C:\users\your_username\appdata\local\ARMA 2 OA folder
  • Manually install the desired Beta Patch:
To prevent SIX Launcher from updating the Beta when you don't want it, disable "Update Beta patch" in the Options.

The software seems unresponsive at times

Often this is caused by Overlay software like TS3 Overlay, try disabling it.
Another reason could be security software (AV/Firewalls), best exclude the software and included utilities from security. Sandboxing is especially problematic.

Slow downloads

Often this is caused by security software (AV/Firewalls), best exclude the software and included utilities from security. 
Another reason could be issues with the router/modem, try upgrading the firmware, and make sure there's no limiting going on.

How to disable auto-update?

We do not recommend to disable auto-update. The updates are often important.
However, you can, by adding --skip-autoupdate to the shortcut.

Error "This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms"

You need to disable FIPS validation requirement, see for more info:

Startup error: "Microsoft.Windows.Shell.WindowChrome"

This seems to be a Windows Theme issue, try changing your windows theme (e.g Windows Classic -> Windows XP,  or newer depending on windows version).

Game Startup error: "Missing addons CA_Dubbing_CounterAttack"

Six Launcher specific

I get a graphical error when starting the game when both the Beta, and Use Steam Launcher are enabled

This is due to a limitation in the Steam launcher. Currently you will have to manually copy over the arma2oa.exe from expansion\beta into the main game folder (backup original exe!!)
Working on workaround in:

Six Updater specific


Setting up a Custom Repository with Mods and configuration

More is being worked on.