SIX Updater is a tool to manage Mods, Missions & Servers, for the Arma 2 military simulation by Bohemia Interactive.

The application is written in IronRuby, which is the Ruby language on Microsoft .NET, with a small portion of C#
and deploys Rsync and Zsync to perform download/update tasks, which provides differential updates (delta patching) to save bandwidth (for hosters and downloaders) and time.

The official network contains many mods available out of the box:

Anyone can host a custom repository with mods, missions and server configuration.
rSync requires specific server setup with rSync daemon, where-as zSync only requires a simple web-server.

Main Features

  • MultiThreaded & MultiHost Mods/Missions downloads (installation/updating/repair/migration)
  • Deploys delta patching to save time and bandwidth (only downloads changed parts of a file)
  • Game Launcher
  • Server Browser with sorting, grouping, search and filtering - Join servers automatically with the required Mods, and receive warnings when mods are loaded which are not allowed on the server.
  • Many popular mods available out of the box (250+ already)
  • Strong global (world-wide) mirror network (community powered)
  • GUI, Commandline and Linux support
  • Custom repository hosting for server owners and community websites (with Mods, Missions, and additional server information and automation, incl TeamSpeak3 and Mumble support).
  • Flexible and Advanced Preset and Game Profile configuration possible
  • Multi game versions and editions supported, manageable side-by-side
  • Mod dependencies and aliases supported
  • Easy access to Mod tools and 3rd party applications like Fraps/TrackIR. Including support for copying ACRE plugin dll's to TS3\Plugins, and Jayarma2lib dsound.dll to game exe folder.
  • Create shortcuts to your favorite Presets or to directly start the game with favorite mods and settings
  • Full Localization and Internationalization support (preliminary Russian and German translations included)
  • Increasing community server support
  • Active Development and Support


  • Find Servers that use a specific Mod, or where signatures of a mod or all mods in a preset are allowed
  • Duplicate addon detection and warning
  • Server Protection indicator - Shows how well a server is protected (Signatures version, BattlEye enabled)
  • Server SigCheck indicator - Checks active mods signatures versus server allowed signatures.
  • Server ModCheck indicator - Checks active modfolders versus server required/allowed modfolders
  • Server Monitor - Keep track of server status, players, incl sound alarms.
  • Game Manager - Keep track of installed games, patches, and perform CRC checks
  • Server Manager - Dedicated Server configuration
  • Repo Manager - Custom repository configuration


Six Updater is originally written and maintained by Patrick Roza.

The Team

  • Patrick Roza
  • Martin Steinke
  • Julius Zeidler
  • Sven van Gurp
  • Arjan Janssen
  • Koen Gabriels
  • ArmaTec
  • Mikhail
  • Lonestar
  • rfc
  • Robalo
  • Sonsalt
  • Xeno

  • Lonestar - French translation
  • Mikhail - Russian translation
  • Steffen - German translation
  • Steelrain - Dutch translation
  • Total22 - Japanese translation
  • zGuba - Polish translation


  • Charlie from FanaticalVPS, providing many EU nodes and US nodes
  • Killswitch from Zeus Community, providing EU node
  • Massive, providing EU node
  • BossManDK from Tier1Ops, providing EU node
  • WollfyAU, providing OC node

Image Galleries

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(See Documentation section for more videos)

v2.5 video

Feature Video

v2.0 video

Basic Feature Video