Thursday, February 7, 2013

Play withSIX news and info

As of recent, all information and news regarding Play withSIX,
the official replacement to the critically acclaimed SIX Updater and Launcher applications,
has moved to the official page:  (news:

No longer will blog posts about Play withSIX be posted on this (SIX Updater), page.
At some point the pages on this site will probably be redirected to the domain as well.

SIX Updater hotfixes released!

After more than 6 months, two new hotfixes have been released for SIX Updater, addressing game/mod version comparison issues and compatibility issues with Namalsk/Taviana, and their DayZ variants.

These should hopefully be the last updates to either SIX Updater or Launcher,
in anticipation of the Play withSIX replacement.