Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Play withSIX Community Preview released!

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Play withSIX is a brand new application, providing several new features, some of which are unseen before,
while others are majorly enhanced compared to our previous projects, namely SIX Launcher.
One of many new features and enhancements are the included social features like buddy list, see your friends playing and join them, or have a chat.

All presented in a brand new UI and improved user experience.

With the community preview we would like to gather feedback, bug reports, and basically test our new code base and infrastructure.
In the coming weeks we will be releasing fixes and improvements based on your valued feedback,
While design and functionality is also still being improved and finalized.

Also, starting at a future milestone release, we will start introducing functionality that has currently only been available in SIX Updater,
eventually making the old tools obsolete.

Noteable changes in usage/behavior compared to SIX Launcher

  • The software no longer forces or requires Administrator rights to run or operate.
    (Though if you wish to install to protected folders, currently you'll have to run the program manually as admin, or change the permisssions)
  • The default Mod installation path has moved to the My Documents\ArmA 2 folder, the by BI recommended location for custom files
  • Verify is no longer a required step after each start of the program
  • The auto-update experience should be much enhanced

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