Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The all new Six Launcher; Click and play!

Tired of slow and difficult update procedures, full servers and long waiting times?

Presenting the all new Six Launcher, featuring:
  • Easy Installation
  • A variety of Mod selections like (DayZ, ACE, PR, CWR etc...)
  • Incremental mod updates
  • Click and Play feature
  • Auto-queuing on full servers
  • Customizable real-time server lists
  • World wide mirror network
  • Choose your Favorite servers
and more.....

(Check the Image album for more images)

Replaced by Play withSIX:


  1. Hi ! I have ArmA X, with Six Updater, can I add all the mods Luke ACE2 ACRE etc ? Do JayArmalib support it ? Thanks !

  2. I love the quick play feature! But could you add a check box so that I can use arma beta patches?