Saturday, February 18, 2012

Six Updater v2.9.5pre15 released!

SU v2.9.5pre15 released, and available in the Download Section!

The milestone is nearly 60% complete
  • Active status and progress output during startup logo, incl a working taskbar icon
  • Override Multiplayer functionality from commandline
  • Improved mod version and status determination
  • Start SU even after minor upgrades
  • Reduced setup size by ~2.5 MB. Migrator utility is now downloaded on-demand, for those migrating from the old SU to the new (2.9.5.x).
  • Updated Dutch translation by SteelRain
  • Several minor fixes and enhancements

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Six Updater v2.9.5pre1 released

SU v2.9.5pre1 released, and available in the Download Section!

The milestone is nearly 50% complete, and focuses on improving Performance and general user experience, tying up loose ends before the big v3.0 UI/usability overhaul.

More performance improvements and tweaks are still planned before the stable release.

Read more background about the performance enhancements in the blog: Improving performance and memory usage.

This version is for the time being not automatically installed by the auto-self-updater, if you wish to install this release, please download the setup, and run it. It will uninstall the old version. It will ask if existing configuration files should be removed. If you want to keep your existing settings, answer NO.

When running this version for the first time, if existing configuration data is detected, the data will first be migrated to the new SU db-format. This could take 30-60 seconds, please be patient.
It should be the last time you had to endure such long initialization time :)

Stay tuned for another intense Six Updater year!

  • New database format, removing many of the bottlenecks and issues experienced before. Especially in terms of Performance and Memory usage, but also general user experience.
  • Initialization, synchronization with SU portal and gamespy is signficantly faster
  • Switching presets is signficantly faster, given that if the preset contains a server/customrepo, these are available and accessible without Timeouts. Further improvements planned.
  • MultiPlayer features are optional now, for those who prefer Single Player and do not use Multi Player, you can now answer "No" to the Multiplayer question  at first-startup. Which will result in improved performance and reduced memory usage.
  • Prepared new Busy-overlay located at the bottom, showing Main and Sub Action progress when performing actions
  • The setup package has temporary increased several MB's due to included DB Migration tool. No worries, it will be removed in future versions.
  • More minor improvements and fixes