Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Play withSIX build 190 released - merry x-mas!

Play withSIX build 190 has been released,
see the release post over at Play withSIX.com for details.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

ARMA 2 OA Build 100.000+, and JayArma2Lib

This mostly affects SIX Updater users.

Due to a bug in SIX Updater, the following symptoms could be experienced:
  • @JayArma2Lib is activated instead of @JayArma2Lib_new
  • Current game version (left down) is shown in Red because SU thinks the game version is older than the latest available version
The former issue is no problem - @JayArma2Lib and @JayArma2Lib_new are now identical.
We will deprecate @JayArma2lib2_new, and remove it a while after OA 1.63 patch release.

The latter issue is caused by how Ruby compares string build numbers. It is only cosmetical and will fix itself after OA 1.63 patch release.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

Play withSIX DayZ Lingor support and more!

The latest version of Play withSIX, recently released, has now support for the DayZ Lingor mod.
You can find the mod in the Mod Browser, like any other.

Amongst the changes are also many more improvements, including improved buddy request management and performance and reliability fixes, the website also has been improved.

Please see the Play withSIX Changelog for more details.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Play withSIX DayZ (PreRelease) support!

We're currently still not authorized by DayZ team to push en-mass, as such we've added multi-version support to Play withSIX.

A new update for Play withSIX has been released that supports the DayZ v1.7.2.5 pre-release mod version!
You can control which mod version to use in the Game section option "Update to PreRelease versions" (for now restart after changing).

Currently there are no plans to add this support to SIX Launcher and Updater, as full focus is on Play withSIX which replaces SIX Launcher already, and will soon replace SIX updater also.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Play withSIX Community Preview released!

Check out Play.withSIX.com


Play withSIX is a brand new application, providing several new features, some of which are unseen before,
while others are majorly enhanced compared to our previous projects, namely SIX Launcher.
One of many new features and enhancements are the included social features like buddy list, see your friends playing and join them, or have a chat.

All presented in a brand new UI and improved user experience.

With the community preview we would like to gather feedback, bug reports, and basically test our new code base and infrastructure.
In the coming weeks we will be releasing fixes and improvements based on your valued feedback,
While design and functionality is also still being improved and finalized.

Also, starting at a future milestone release, we will start introducing functionality that has currently only been available in SIX Updater,
eventually making the old tools obsolete.

Noteable changes in usage/behavior compared to SIX Launcher

  • The software no longer forces or requires Administrator rights to run or operate.
    (Though if you wish to install to protected folders, currently you'll have to run the program manually as admin, or change the permisssions)
  • The default Mod installation path has moved to the My Documents\ArmA 2 folder, the by BI recommended location for custom files
  • Verify is no longer a required step after each start of the program
  • The auto-update experience should be much enhanced

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

GameSpy serverlist queries limited to 500 servers

Since some days ago, GameSpy, the service providing the server lists for the ARMA series and many other games, appears to have limited serverlist data to a maximum of 500 servers per query. Probably as a response for the huge popularity & usage these past weeks, this affects both the in-game serverbrowser as well as SIX Updater and Launcher lists.

This is the main reason why it's hard to find the same server as your friends, the server might not be listed as 1 of the only 500 servers send to you through the system.

We've put backup lists in place for the Launcher recently, these should mitigate the situation somewhat,
while a full and proper solution is prepared for our upcoming launch of Play withSIX!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SIX Launcher backup server list online, until gamespy maintenance completed

Due to gamespy maintenance for ARMA2 OA, the server list in the game and in the SIX software wasn't working, however we're currently hosting a backup server list.

SIX Launcher will fall back by default as of v2.9.7pre16, available on auto-update right now,
For earlier versions, you can also enable the Option "Only rely on server list provided by the SU portal", in the Options.

Please stay tuned while we refresh and update the server list with latest information :)


As it appears Gamespy seems to work again!
Great, we'll be prepared for the next maintenance :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gamespy Maintenance - No server list currently

It appears Gamespy is having maintenance on the ARMA 2 OA game,
as such both the ingame server browser as well as SIX Launcher and Updater do not show servers currently.

Once the Gamespy maintenance has been completed, the server lists should start working again,
hang in there!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Important note re 1.61 Beta Patch (BattlEye FIX INSIDE)

Update: A new SIX Launcher and Updater update has been dispatched.
BattlEye is now properly automatically updated when the Beta patch is active in SIX Launcher or Updater.

Recently the ARMA 2 OA Betas have bumped version to v1.61.
With more recent v1.61 versions, also BattlEye needs to be updated, currently, this is a manual process.

You can find the updated BattlEye installer in the Expansion\beta folder (Setup_BattlEyeARMA2OA and RFT), after updating the Beta with SIX Launcher or Updater.
The updated BattlEye is also included with the latest manual Beta installers as well.

To successfully use the latest Beta patch, please update BattlEye by running above mentioned setup installer.

Apologies for the inconvenience, we're working on improving how we deal with these special circumstances,
luckily the situation should be temporary until BI releases the final v1.61 patch, hopefully soon.

Related BI Forums discussion.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Backend improvements

  • US mirrors have been tweaked to improve performance and reduce chance of low speed, and long time hanging on few files.
    Anyone experiencing slow downloads, please report ASAP:  http://www.six-updater.net/p/support.html
  • SU Portal website memory issue resolved, performance and stability should be much improved
Stay tuned for more news about the SIX Launcher v2 and new work in progress Portal soon.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's coming... SIX Launcher v2

For the past few weeks we have been working on the SIX Launcher v2.
The design has been extended and improved a lot, to make place for new features.

We are very close to a first Public Beta release.

New features

  • Improved UI and User Experience
  • Buddy list, buddy chat, join your buddy
  • Groups and group chat
  • Advanced Server Search/Filtering
  • Improved Performance
  • Numerous other small improvements and enhancements


  • Improved setup installer
  • Majorly enhanced SIX Portal website and features
  • Merging of the SIX Updater features with the Launcher
  • Rating of Servers, Mods, Players etc.
There's a lot more planned for the coming months, we'll be revealing more details coming time.

Feedback welcome!

Stay tuned for more reveals coming soon!

SIX Updater v2.9.7pre6 released!


  • Improved performance
  • Improved options
Please review the Changelog for the full list of changes

Please report any issues or feedback at the Support section.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

SIX Updater v2.9.7pre1 released!


  • Improved startup performance and overall behavior and performance
  • Split Quick Match (Quick Play previously) from the main action button; You can now use the Launcher without any server selected, e.g for Single Player, Editor or manually going into Multi Player.
Please review the Changelog for the full list of changes

Please report any issues or feedback at the Support section.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Six Updater v2.9.6pre43 released!

Launcher build:
Available on auto-update and the Download section.

Launcher Changelog


  • Added EU and updated Empty flags
  • Added "Previous Mod" cycle
  • Added server count
  • Added server protection level (based on Signatures and BattlEye)
  • Added support for launching through the Steam Launcher
  • Added support for the Unsung mod to the Launcher
  • Added support for the vanilla game (with and without the beta)


  • Changelog is optionally shown after updating a Mod
  • Double clicking a server in the server browser joins the server (after update if required)
  • Enabled hint error dialogs for known issues (esp ones caused by issues with the user system)
  • Improved auto-updater reliability
  • Improved Beta support
  • Improved setup/upgrade reliability
  • Improved support for Unicode
  • Mirrors are prioritized by latency
  • Robocopy is used instead of rsync for custom repositories when the Remote is actually a local folder
  • Synchronizations after startup will no longer block operations
  • Server Name is now colored (White: Mod version match, Yellow: Requires update, Gray: Server is outdated)
  • The Game Path for ARMA2 Original can now also be configured manually in the Options
  • Updated GeoIP db for more accurate server country flag assignment
  • Warn the user when trying to join a server with outdated mod version


  • Inconsistent case usage of verifySignatures and gameState, caused invalid server status
  • Main button chrome was visible due to rounded corners background
  • Memory leak during Synchronization
  • Unhandled exception on corrupted configuration file
Several other small fixes and improvements

Please report any issues or feedback at the Support section.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more updates!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Six Launcher and Updater are now the official distribution platform for DayZ!

The Six Launcher and Updater are now the official distribution platform for the critically acclaimed DayZ Zombie Mod!

For download details, check the DayZ download page and the DayZ Six Updater page.

Six Updater Network expanded!

We're happy to announce the Six Updater Network has recently expanded with more high-speed and bandwidth EU servers,
provided by us, as well as community provided servers; Thanks a lot to Charlie from Fanatical VPS, and Vaerrant.

The network now sports over 23 Gbit of bandwidth and is still being expanded.
We hope to have a new US mirror up by next week.

Join the network

If you have some spare bandwidth on your servers (US, EU or otherwise), and would like to support the project, please leave a message on the Support page or other outlets.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The all new Six Launcher; Click and play!

Tired of slow and difficult update procedures, full servers and long waiting times?

Presenting the all new Six Launcher, featuring:
  • Easy Installation
  • A variety of Mod selections like (DayZ, ACE, PR, CWR etc...)
  • Incremental mod updates
  • Click and Play feature
  • Auto-queuing on full servers
  • Customizable real-time server lists
  • World wide mirror network
  • Choose your Favorite servers
and more.....

(Check the Image album for more images)

Replaced by Play withSIX:

Friday, May 11, 2012

Failed Update - Please read for resolve

Due to a failed software update, some might experience issues starting the application.
The issue has been resolved in the meantime, and an update is available on auto-auto and in the Download section.

For those who cannot launch the software currently - please download the latest v2.9.5pre version from the Download section

When asked to remove configuration files/database during the upgrade, answer NO to keep your configuration.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Six Updater v2.9.5pre24 released

This update focuses on dealing with Encoding issues plagueing the Six Updater program and libraries.


Encoding Issues
  • Server MOTD
  • Server name
  • Preset name
  • Player Profile selection
  • Cannot start SU when installed in a path with special symbols
  • OutOfMemory exceptions caused by encoding issues
  • I18n and TZInfo libraries have now been embedded into IREmbeddedLibraries.dll. Setup file size slightly smaller again.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Six Updater v2.9.5pre15 released!

SU v2.9.5pre15 released, and available in the Download Section!

The milestone is nearly 60% complete
  • Active status and progress output during startup logo, incl a working taskbar icon
  • Override Multiplayer functionality from commandline
  • Improved mod version and status determination
  • Start SU even after minor upgrades
  • Reduced setup size by ~2.5 MB. Migrator utility is now downloaded on-demand, for those migrating from the old SU to the new (2.9.5.x).
  • Updated Dutch translation by SteelRain
  • Several minor fixes and enhancements

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Six Updater v2.9.5pre1 released

SU v2.9.5pre1 released, and available in the Download Section!

The milestone is nearly 50% complete, and focuses on improving Performance and general user experience, tying up loose ends before the big v3.0 UI/usability overhaul.

More performance improvements and tweaks are still planned before the stable release.

Read more background about the performance enhancements in the blog: Improving performance and memory usage.

This version is for the time being not automatically installed by the auto-self-updater, if you wish to install this release, please download the setup, and run it. It will uninstall the old version. It will ask if existing configuration files should be removed. If you want to keep your existing settings, answer NO.

When running this version for the first time, if existing configuration data is detected, the data will first be migrated to the new SU db-format. This could take 30-60 seconds, please be patient.
It should be the last time you had to endure such long initialization time :)

Stay tuned for another intense Six Updater year!

  • New database format, removing many of the bottlenecks and issues experienced before. Especially in terms of Performance and Memory usage, but also general user experience.
  • Initialization, synchronization with SU portal and gamespy is signficantly faster
  • Switching presets is signficantly faster, given that if the preset contains a server/customrepo, these are available and accessible without Timeouts. Further improvements planned.
  • MultiPlayer features are optional now, for those who prefer Single Player and do not use Multi Player, you can now answer "No" to the Multiplayer question  at first-startup. Which will result in improved performance and reduced memory usage.
  • Prepared new Busy-overlay located at the bottom, showing Main and Sub Action progress when performing actions
  • The setup package has temporary increased several MB's due to included DB Migration tool. No worries, it will be removed in future versions.
  • More minor improvements and fixes

Monday, January 30, 2012

Improving performance and memory usage

Improving performance and memory usage has been planned for a very long time,
as I believe (especially considering limited resources) that features/functionality and bug-fixes take a much greater priority.

However, performance as well as usability are two things that do sell the product to the user, and make it easy and fun to use.

Both Performance and Usability are on the menu right now, and while both will take a while to properly improve, I have already made great progress in regard to performance.

First a couple of things on Performance and Memory usage:
  • SU is written in a managed language (well two actually; .NET (C#) and IronRuby).
    This gives a lot of programmer comfort, but at the same time often results in lower performance, and higher memory usage (or slower return of free memory), compared to unmanaged languages like C++ or C.
  • SU uses .NET WPF UI which is vector based, has to realtime render the UI on screen (like a game), and generally is less optimized than legacy frameworks like Windows Forms.
  • SU's database back-end is based on SQLite (considered slow, and useful only for basic applications), and suffers from several issues caused by experimental IronRuby implementation.
  • IronRuby's experimental nature poses several complications that require workarounds, e.g doing things not the optimal way.
  • (over)Optimization generally complicates the development process and can limit a developer's creativity and progress
  • Performance is only important where it makes a real difference. E.g waiting 10ms or 1ms on an action to complete is not even noticeable by a human.
    But of course if you do 1000 of those actions, suddenly it's 1 second or 10 seconds; a very noticeable difference, but if it actually matters is depending on the performed action, and user's expectation.
I prefer programmer comfortability, and I prefer the Ruby and .NET (C#) languages, as well as the WPF UI framework,
So going for a leaner programming language, or even low-level like C++ and C, is not a realistic option for me.

That said, there are several ways to improve the performance and memory usage:
  • Replace the limited SQLite database back-end by something better.
  • Improved Code (obviously).
    Better, faster code that accomplishes (basically) the same thing in a shorter amount of time (using less resources)
  • Move more data, and processing over to the server-side
Last weekend I have started with replacing the limited SQLite database back-end, with a custom, imo better solution: Serializing the objects and marshalling them from and to disk.

The result is that we're freed from the SQLite limitations, and the limitations of the IronRuby database driver, and all the issues that came forth from that, as well as the countless workarounds that I had to implement for this.

Which in turn gives us a great return value on Performance and Memory usage:
  • Startup time decreased by 2x up to as much as 10x
  • Sync with SU portal time decreased by 2x up to as much as 5x
  • Sync with Gamespy time decreased by 2x up to as much as 5x
Also the changes make it possible to switch to a different back-end more easily in the future, e.g a .NET ORM etc.

Coming days I will be finishing the implementation and a new test version should become available probably by next weekend.
I feel this is already a significant improvement, and there will be even more improvements possible in the future, through the other mentioned means.

After Performance,  Usability will become the topic of coming months... stay tuned!

For those interested in what WPF is and what the difference is to Windows Forms, have a look here.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Six Updater 2.9pre4 released

Small Six Updater v2.9 update:

New version released with support for Min and Max game version or build constraints on Mods.

For instance, there's now @JayArma2Lib that still supports the older game versions, and the new @JayArma2Lib_new which supports the newer game versions.
Depending on your currently active game version (determined by Beta if beta is enabled), the correct version of JayArma2Lib will be loaded.

A couple of more issues were solved: https://dev-heaven.net/projects/six-arma-updater/activity

More Six Updater v2.9 news to come soon.