Friday, December 16, 2011

Six Updater v2.8rc1 released!

 Six Updater v2.8rc1 released.

The milestone is 100% complete. Work should soon commence on the v2.9 milestone; the last version before the big 3.0 (UI/Usability overhaul)

This release contains fully completed Repo Manager (UI-Based setup of Custom Repositories):

Check the image gallery for more images.



  • Assign required_guid to new repositories if specified
  • Existing custom repo information is imported into new Repo Manager
  • Removed obsolete RepoBuilder tab (replaced by Repo Manager)
  • RepoManager asks to initialize repository if empty folder selected
  • Try to find existing .pack folder when installing a mod
  • Updated IronRuby to latest source

  • Arma2Ca mods are not properly take into account in game filter for Mods
  • ServerMonitor repeats the same player details * the amount of players
  • Sharing violation / dead lock when processing repository checksums
  • Updater Status double click to expand RowDetails, inside other datagrid
  • Other small fixes and improvements

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