Friday, December 23, 2011

ARMA 2 1.11 and OA 1.60 patch, ARMA 2 Free available on SU

The new mega patch for A2, A2 Free and OA has been officially released in the meantime!

Be sure to check out the blog entry about v2 signatures and MP security in general.

ARMA 2 Free - Combined Ops Lite
Recently basic game-distribution support was added to Six Updater, currently you can download ARMA 2 Free from the Games section of the software.
Be sure to get your free key from the Activation site.

ARMA 2 Free can be played online, or used to combine with OA (Operation Arrowhead) /  RFT (Reinforcements) to get ARMA 2 Combined Ops lite!
You'll still lack the ARMA 2 original campaign and missions, and have some reduced texture quality, but you can join any Combined Ops server successfully.

This configuration is automatically supported in Six Updater if you install ARMA 2 Free!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Six Updater v2.8rc1 released!

 Six Updater v2.8rc1 released.

The milestone is 100% complete. Work should soon commence on the v2.9 milestone; the last version before the big 3.0 (UI/Usability overhaul)

This release contains fully completed Repo Manager (UI-Based setup of Custom Repositories):

Check the image gallery for more images.



  • Assign required_guid to new repositories if specified
  • Existing custom repo information is imported into new Repo Manager
  • Removed obsolete RepoBuilder tab (replaced by Repo Manager)
  • RepoManager asks to initialize repository if empty folder selected
  • Try to find existing .pack folder when installing a mod
  • Updated IronRuby to latest source

  • Arma2Ca mods are not properly take into account in game filter for Mods
  • ServerMonitor repeats the same player details * the amount of players
  • Sharing violation / dead lock when processing repository checksums
  • Updater Status double click to expand RowDetails, inside other datagrid
  • Other small fixes and improvements

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Six Updater v2.8pre19 released!

Six Updater v2.8pre19 released.

The milestone is about 90% complete. A release candidate will be available soon.

This release contains nearly completed Repo Manager (UI-Based setup of Custom Repositories):

Check the image gallery for more images.


  • Context Menu to Updater Status mods and games
  • Custom gamespy server ping
  • Game Distribution support (e.g ARMA 2 Free, to combine with OA, to get CO-lite)
  • Fallback to full transfers if zSync differential transfers fail on all available mirrors due to incompatible webservers Including download progress indicator. #26642
  • ModCheck column to Server Browser (verifies modfoldernames vs server modfoldernames)
  • Protection column to Server Browser (shows protection level of server, determined by VerifySignatures and BattlEye)
  • Revision, Size and Status columns to Updater Status mods
  • Realtime update of Updater Status mod FileSize old, new and transfered columns during Updater actions
  • FreeSpace indicator shown in StatusBar of main window
  • FreeSpace indicator now includes PackPath if set
  • License Agreement window; Read and accept Mod License Agreements. Required before installing a Mod.
  • Retry Repo actions when failed
  • RepoManager: UI Based Custom Repo configuration and handling (currently saving changes is not yet implemented)
  • ServerManager: UI Based Dedicated Server configuration (currently unfinished)
  • Tooltip with requiredBuild to Server Browser Version column
  • Tooltip with signature version to Server Browser Signatures column
  • Warning when invalid paths are detected (Game folder, Mod folder, ServerMods folder etc)

  • Abort Startgame/Join actions if Install/Update/Verify actions failed
  • Auto enable lftp debug output if no .lftprc configuration file was detected
  • DataGrid RowDetails are now collapsed by default. Double click a row to expand.
  • Do not needlessly ask for confirmation if data is empty or invalid
  • Hide CustomRepo tab content instead of the tab itself, when no custom repo is associated with currently active server
  • Improved Initialization
  • Improved Memory usage
  • Improved Performance
  • Kill open Mod Apps if Six Updater is closed while the game is not running
  • Logs button in appmenu opens SU Log folder in Explorer
  • Made several more strings localizable. #24807,#24804, #24812
  • Moved amount of synchronized records to the sync times and removed listing in the log window
  • Official game addons are now included in signature check. #26481
  • Game edition + version is shown Red if the user is not running the latest version. #19107
  • Perform dns lookup before opening a web url, do not try to open if it fails
  • Reduced InputWindow size
  • Renamed Server Health to Server SigCheck
  • Removed Server prune / clear buttons from Options. Moved Prune to Server Browser.
  • Stop Game button is now inactive if no game is detected running
  • Some exceptions that are caused by errors on user-side are no longer sent to Bug Tracker, while the user is informed with workarounds and support options.
  • Split game edition + version, from startup parameters. #19107

  • Addons without .bisign are passing the signature warning. #26481
  • AddonFiles now depends on game edition
  • Array used for String parameters on Custom Repo (now joined to string)
  • CustomRepos mods did not trigger install callbacks
  • CustomRepos mods status broken in Updater Status
  • Current/Latest game version not refreshed until restart
  • Mods found by alias/cpp_name are listed as not allowed mods
  • Move pack path back to .rsync subfolder
  • Prune servers (SQL)
  • Pruned servers were not removed from the Server Browser until restart
  • Obsolete bikey cleanup could remove valid bikeys
  • Official network mod search didn't use lowercase mod name
  • Several exceptions caused by incorrect paths
  • SixUpdateCheck was often still running while it appeared to have closed already
  • Unhandled exception at window_closed
  • Unhandled exception: Sixconfig cannot be nil
  • Other small fixes and improvements