Sunday, December 11, 2011

Six Updater v2.8pre19 released!

Six Updater v2.8pre19 released.

The milestone is about 90% complete. A release candidate will be available soon.

This release contains nearly completed Repo Manager (UI-Based setup of Custom Repositories):

Check the image gallery for more images.


  • Context Menu to Updater Status mods and games
  • Custom gamespy server ping
  • Game Distribution support (e.g ARMA 2 Free, to combine with OA, to get CO-lite)
  • Fallback to full transfers if zSync differential transfers fail on all available mirrors due to incompatible webservers Including download progress indicator. #26642
  • ModCheck column to Server Browser (verifies modfoldernames vs server modfoldernames)
  • Protection column to Server Browser (shows protection level of server, determined by VerifySignatures and BattlEye)
  • Revision, Size and Status columns to Updater Status mods
  • Realtime update of Updater Status mod FileSize old, new and transfered columns during Updater actions
  • FreeSpace indicator shown in StatusBar of main window
  • FreeSpace indicator now includes PackPath if set
  • License Agreement window; Read and accept Mod License Agreements. Required before installing a Mod.
  • Retry Repo actions when failed
  • RepoManager: UI Based Custom Repo configuration and handling (currently saving changes is not yet implemented)
  • ServerManager: UI Based Dedicated Server configuration (currently unfinished)
  • Tooltip with requiredBuild to Server Browser Version column
  • Tooltip with signature version to Server Browser Signatures column
  • Warning when invalid paths are detected (Game folder, Mod folder, ServerMods folder etc)

  • Abort Startgame/Join actions if Install/Update/Verify actions failed
  • Auto enable lftp debug output if no .lftprc configuration file was detected
  • DataGrid RowDetails are now collapsed by default. Double click a row to expand.
  • Do not needlessly ask for confirmation if data is empty or invalid
  • Hide CustomRepo tab content instead of the tab itself, when no custom repo is associated with currently active server
  • Improved Initialization
  • Improved Memory usage
  • Improved Performance
  • Kill open Mod Apps if Six Updater is closed while the game is not running
  • Logs button in appmenu opens SU Log folder in Explorer
  • Made several more strings localizable. #24807,#24804, #24812
  • Moved amount of synchronized records to the sync times and removed listing in the log window
  • Official game addons are now included in signature check. #26481
  • Game edition + version is shown Red if the user is not running the latest version. #19107
  • Perform dns lookup before opening a web url, do not try to open if it fails
  • Reduced InputWindow size
  • Renamed Server Health to Server SigCheck
  • Removed Server prune / clear buttons from Options. Moved Prune to Server Browser.
  • Stop Game button is now inactive if no game is detected running
  • Some exceptions that are caused by errors on user-side are no longer sent to Bug Tracker, while the user is informed with workarounds and support options.
  • Split game edition + version, from startup parameters. #19107

  • Addons without .bisign are passing the signature warning. #26481
  • AddonFiles now depends on game edition
  • Array used for String parameters on Custom Repo (now joined to string)
  • CustomRepos mods did not trigger install callbacks
  • CustomRepos mods status broken in Updater Status
  • Current/Latest game version not refreshed until restart
  • Mods found by alias/cpp_name are listed as not allowed mods
  • Move pack path back to .rsync subfolder
  • Prune servers (SQL)
  • Pruned servers were not removed from the Server Browser until restart
  • Obsolete bikey cleanup could remove valid bikeys
  • Official network mod search didn't use lowercase mod name
  • Several exceptions caused by incorrect paths
  • SixUpdateCheck was often still running while it appeared to have closed already
  • Unhandled exception at window_closed
  • Unhandled exception: Sixconfig cannot be nil
  • Other small fixes and improvements

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