Monday, November 21, 2011

Six Updater v2.8pre2 released

Six Updater v2.8pre2 released on auto-self-update.

Mostly bugfixes and minor improvements, and preparations for the planned Repo Manager, Server Manager and Mod Manager.

Also included is Server Protection Level (Based on Signatures and BattlEye status):

For more info about signature/battleye protection, check out this blog entry.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Six Updater network goes 100% v2 bi signatures

In anticipation of the official release of the incredible ARMA2 OA v1.60 patch with v2 signatures and countless other MP and general improvements,
As of today, all mods on the official Six Updater network are signed with v2 bisigns. (That's over 250 mods!)

As a result, most of the Mods will show there are updates available, no worries, bikey+bisigns are very small :)
All future mods will also be signed with v2 if unavailable.

Original signatures remain usable and untouched, however v2 signatures improve security over the older and long used v1 signatures,
Servers are recommended to enable and accept v2 signatures only (verifySignatures = 2;), and BattlEye enabled (battlEye = 1;), combined for best results.

Server bikeys can also be downloaded directly from the Six Updater Portal, Mods section.

For more info about signature/battleye protection, check out this blog entry.

Reminder: Report ARMA2 issues to the Community Issue Tracker.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Six Updater v2.7 WIP Report #4 - RC2

Six Updater v2.7 rc2 has just been released!
Fourth v2.7 WIP report

The milestone is 100% complete, and focuses on performance and reliability,
This is the second release candidate.

Check the v2.7 Image Gallery for more images.

Still looking for interested server owners, mirror hosters, developers and managers, see the About page for more info.


  • Beta and Server checkboxes and Configurable Paths to Gamespy RibbonTab
  • Mod and InclServerMods field to Preset RibbonTab
  • Mod revision status, fullname and version to Preset Tree mods
  • Go to Mod Homepage to mod ContextMenus. #24224
  • Server RibbonTab
  • Support for malloc par and additional (custom) startup parametes #26115,#25857
  • Tooltips to mods datagrid Status column cell.s #24040
  • Activate other tab when an Advanced or CustomRepo tab is currently active, while the tab is disabled. #23986
  • Ask for confirmation when opening external remote urls. #24293
  • AutoConvert set to indeterminate will ask for convert confirmation. #26267
  • Cache player profiles
  • Catch endless zStync downloading loop (incase .zsync file is out of sync), and abort process. #23475
  • Gamename field is now also synchronized to be able to differentiate arma/toh etc servers.
  • Gslist no longer syncs pings/countries for TKOH servers due to hang. 
  • Hide incompatible dependencies from Preset Tree / Updater Status, unless the mods are required by server or preset. #16701
  • Improved Exception handled message
  • Improved GameSpy Query Parser
  • Improved Mod Status tooltip in Preset Tree
  • Improved Startup Parameter Parser
  • Improved Skip and Disabled updater log messages.
  • Improved stringtable consistency (Thanks to Lonestar). #24748
  • Improved Updater tasks performance, especially when nothing to do for a mod.
  • Moved Comms out of Ribbon
  • Prepared several more strings to be localized. #26272
  • Reduced gc.collect calls
  • Renamed updater log to console log. #26305
  • Server Monitor is now immediately updated when switching active server.
  • Show warning dialog when Repo push actions fail. #26268
  • Updated BIsign tools to fixed build. #26307
  • Updated Take on support to v1.02
  • Updater Status Missions/MPMissions status
  • Updater Status Mod progress bar should turn red when failed. #26306
  • List changed during enumeration. #26179
  • Boolean values defaulting to True even though their value was False
  • Mod Status letters (S, D, L, C)
  • Proper startup parameters format. #26195
  • Remove log spam when invalid characters were found in player profiles. #24085
  • Server info urls without dot. #24293
  • SixArmaTools should use -U parameter with makePbo
  • UI Freeze for several seconds when fetching game families.yml
  • More small fixes and improvements included.