Sunday, October 30, 2011

Six Updater v2.7 WIP Report #3 - rc1

Six Updater v2.7 rc1 has just been released!
Third v2.7 WIP report

The milestone is about 85% complete, and focuses on performance and reliability,
This is the first release candidate.
Game Manager (Click image to enlarge)
Check the v2.7 Image Gallery for more images.

Still looking for interested server owners, mirror hosters, developers and managers, see the About page for more info.


  • Configurable max threads. #25277
  • Expected Version and GUID - Preventing receiving of wrong mod version, and workaround for out of sync mirrors. #25975
  • Full Take on Helicopters Support (Launching, Mods, Missions, Server Browser, Game Manager (CRC Checks etc)). #22399
  • ServerMods override checkbox at Overrides on the Home RibbonTab, to be able to ignore server required mods. #25914
  • Game Manager: Full basic functionality is now working
  • Game Manager: Full path tooltip when hovering over CRC item.
  • Game Manager: Total, missing and mismatched items count. #25996
  • Prepared basic ping test in custom gamespy query #25472
  • Prepared additional params field. #25857
  • Prepared configurable preferred protocol. #25277
  • Prepared incl servermods setting per Preset. #25914
  • Prepared multiple release types of same mod.
  • Server Browser: Game column, filterable (selection box). #25934
  • Warn the user when a modfolder will be updated from another network (different GUID). #25977
  • First process WorkingDir (unpacked) files - complying with; process largest chunks first
  • Game Manager: Improved UI and Behavior
  • Game Manager: Progress now shown in ProgressBar and WindowTitle
  • Hard limited Gamespy gslist processing to 3 minutes. Temporary workaround for #25970
  • RepoBuilder: Do not ask for permission if busy. #25599
  • Server Browser is by default filtered for showing servers for the currently active Game Profile
  • Updated SU Sync protocol to v3 - Take on Support
  • Updated Cygwin to latest versions
  • CustomReposMods in Dynamic preset. #25001, #25876
  • Changing CustomRepos host of existing server does not work properly. #25218
  • Full EXE path broken when using non relative path. #25980
  • Game Manager: Seperate CO installation
  • MainWindow WindowTitle and TaskBar title. #25344
  • Server Browser: BattlEye field when using "Sync with Gamespy". #25311
  • Unhandled exception when mod path error when searching for existing mod. #25289
  • Unhandled exception when checking for duplicate addons. #25571
  • Updater Status output scrollbars
  • Updater Status mod item progress when multithreading disabled. #25045
  • More small fixes and improvements included.
More improvements scheduled before the Stable release.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Six Updater v2.7 WIP Report #2 - pre19

Six Updater v2.7 pre19 has just been released!
Second v2.7 WIP report

The milestone is about 75% complete, and focuses on performance and reliability,
with a release candidate scheduled in about a week.

Click image to enlarge
Check the v2.7 Image Gallery for more images.

Still looking for interested server owners, mirror hosters, developers and managers, see the About page for more info.


  • French translation by Lonestar. #24752
  • Grids converted to reusable user controls. #24876
  • Polish translation by zGuba. #24771
  • RepoBuilder "copy preset mods to repo" button. #18652
  • Ribbon Minimize/Maximize buttons
  • Warning message with information when an encoding exception occurs. #23248
  • "Create shortcut" Execute and Execute+Shutdown menus have been extended with all available Actions for added comfort. #25052
  • Improved multi-mirror and retry on failure for Missions. #20133
  • Internal refactoring, cleanups, etc. In preparation of bigger changes planned in future versions.
  • Made several more strings translateable, incl the Updater Actions. #24808#24810, #24809, #24803, #24751, #24086

  • Removed unneeded State Integer from Server Browser State field. #24491
  • Set dynamic preset profile to currently active profile
  • Actions remain in startup language even when selecting a different language. #24951
  • Cleanup of recent urls.
  • Faulty "You seem to be running old game version" for A2 users. #24708
  • Missing tooltips. #24749
  • Mod= url format broken. #24655
  • Ping test inconsistencies. #24549
  • Server monitor switch still highlighted after closing server monitor. #24641
  • Showing dialog while MainWindow is closed should ignore window. #25007
  • Zero Pings (shown as 9999). #24292
  • More small fixes and improvements included.

More improvements scheduled before the Stable release.