Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Six Updater v2.7 WIP Report #1 - pre5

Six Updater v2.7 pre5 has just been released!
First v2.7 WIP report

The milestone is about 50% complete, and focuses on performance and reliability,
with a release candidate scheduled in a few weeks.

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Check the v2.7 Image Gallery for more images.

Still looking for interested server owners, mirror hosters, developers and managers, see the About page for more info.


  • StatusBar at the bottom. #24425
  • ToolBars with buttons and checkbuttons on each Datagrid. #23771
  • Datagrids no longer locked while busy, instead, editing controls are locked. #24358
  • Default Updater Max Threads to 6 (was 4 before). #24311
  • Moved progress bar to the right, added currently running action, and hide abort button when no action is running. Also warn the user if trying to execute an action while an action is already running. #24425
  • Raised infinite ping to 9999. #24217
  • Replaced Ruby GUID by Native .NET GUID. #24309
  • Replaced commandline MD5Sum with Native .NET MD5Sum. Improved checksum performance! #24314
  • Replaced commandline 7z usage for GZ archives with commandline gzip usage. Improved unpack performance! #24317
  • When pack file is missing, look for its counterpart and pack it to use as source. #24271
  • Changes to editable fields in dataGrids aren't saved. #24331
  • Deleting many records from a dataGrid is slow. #24412
  • Dragging mod on another preset than the current, does not update the preset visually. #24290
  • Dynamic preset issues when already using it, and trying to use e.g another server.#23429
  • Filter initialization issues on dataGrids. #24423, #24353
  • First run sees many mods as disabled. #23070
  • Modfolders with subfolders included parent folder in pack path structure. #24373
  • Official network mod information not refreshed in Presets when synchronizing with portal. #24354, #24183
  • Recent servers list could have duplicate entries. #24214
  • Self-Updater UI does not properly resize to window. #24041
  • Updater Worker threads don't properly terminate upon Abort. #24320
  • More small fixes and improvements included.

More improvements scheduled before the Stable release.

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