Monday, August 15, 2011

Six Updater v2.6 WIP Report #3 - rc1

Six Updater v2.6 rc1 has just been released!
Third v2.6 WIP report.
The milestone is about 95% complete, with a stable release scheduled in about a week.
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Check the v2.6 Image Gallery for more images.

Still looking for interested server owners, mirror hosters, developers and managers, see the About page for more info.


  • Ability to commit/push a single modfolder to customrepos. #21611
  • Ability to set priority for local mods. #19795
  • Duplicate addons detected warnings #20631
  • Fallback for custom repos mods full_name, cpp_name, description, homepage etc; #18820
  • Full support for mod aliases and cpp_name, synced with server portal. #19121, #18206
  • Prepared CRC Integrity check of official game files #19478
  • Visit Server Homepage button #23409
  • Close TS3 gracefully instead of kill, when closing TS3 for plugin update. #22519
  • Creating gameshortcut (etc) doesn't run ModApps anymore #23256
  • Disable SU auto-sync on clients, when the game is running. #22795
  • If existing mod alias folders have been detected for a mod that's about to be installed, it will take the mod alias folder as input. #19572
  • Header fontsizes to 14.
  • Improved gamespy query implementation.
  • Improved mirror selection implementation #23392
  • Mod details now include Full name, while Updated column is added. #23212
  • Optional mods will auto activatate on servers, with incl set to: *.bikey. Downloading and processing bikeys for these mods. #23056
  • Retry downloading checksum mismatched pack files from other hosts. #19890
  • Take existing modfolders as input for server_custom_mods that aren't installed yet. #17635
  • The user is now warned when modfolders with wrong pack_path have been detected, when user answers yes, the pack paths will be fixed. #19914
  • ComboBox selected item and items list item headers not updating on change. #23354
  • Create shortcut includes -mod= even when no mods selected. #23440
  • "Cannot find part of the path" unhandled exception #23456
  • Editing profile not set when creating new Profile. #23354
  • Folder structure not created for missing pack files
  • Free space calculation on some locales. #23292
  • Mod status (on Updater Status tab) was always turning green, 100%, even on failed updates: #23391
  • Mods taken from official network even if available on customrepos. #23282
  • Unhandled exception upon yml download timeout. #23233
  • Wrong warning about mod signatures not allowed (and therefore wrong server health calculated) #23400
More small fixes and improvements included.

More improvements scheduled before the Stable release.

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