Sunday, July 24, 2011

Six Updater v2.6 WIP Report #1 - pre4

Six Updater v2.6 pre4 has just been released!
First v2.6 WIP report.
The milestone is about 50% complete, with a Release Candidate scheduled in about 3 weeks.

Still looking for interested server owners, mirror hosters, developers and managers, see the About page for more info.


  • Additional information is synchronized (sync spec v2), see Mods datagrids. [Image]
    e.g: Mod Version, Author, Full Name, Description, Aliases, Unpacked Size, GUID.
  • Mod version equality is now determined not only by repo version but also by repo GUID
    Due to the GUID checking, you might get a bunch of yellow mods - just Sync with the SU portal and hit Install or Update, it should complete without downloading anything else but the .repository.yml, with the GUID added, and they will turn green again
  • Catched UIAutomationCore.dll system file missing, providing the user with support information and links.
  • If new mirrors are detected, you will be asked to run Speedtest (sorts mirrors on ping).
  • Missions are no longer processed with "join" action, only when "install" or "update" are included.
  • Added DataGrid Grouping (Right click on any column-header in any datagrid, to group or ungroup on that column). [Image]
  • Added Game manager prototype (check which game editions are detected, what versions they have and verify game file checksums. Currently accessible from the Game Profile RibbonTab) [Image]
  • Added slight delay after terminating teamspeak, before processing dll files.
  • Updated GeoIP.dat (Used for Gamespy country determination)
  • Fixed: Can't create preset from server (clone)
  • SixArmaBuilder utility is now functional:
    Takes git repository as input, and binarizes/signs the addons, and can output to folder or remote rSync/zSync repo.
    Outputs text and html changelog (template adjustable)
    Remembers which revisions it has built and only builds changes next time etc.
    Requires a config yml file, documentation soon.
  • Small tweaks to UI
  • Various small fixes and improvements,
More improvements scheduled before the Stable release.

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