Friday, July 15, 2011

Six Updater v2.5 Stable

Six Updater v2.5 Stable has just been released!
Previous at: Six Updater 2.5 RC7

After nearly two months of hard work, I am proud to present v2.5 Stable.

The milestone is 100% complete, and deemed Stable.
2.5 marks a big step forward, in league with the introduction of SU 2.0, over 130 tickets have been addressed.

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Check the v2.5 Image Gallery for more images.

Improvements (since RC7)
  • Basic Drag and drop support (Target: Presets (TreeView), Sources: Mods (Datagrids and TreeView), Servers, Profiles and Actions datagrids)
  • Further improved Minor MSI Upgrades: No more need to click Next-Next-Finish etc. (active for the next update)
  • Country Flags for the Server Browser (Only visible once "Include Ping+Country" is enabled, and then synced with Gamespy server list)
  • Width set for Name and Mission server browser fields - more overview
  • Monitoring of memory used by the app
  • Filtered long zsync log lines (better updater progress output),
  • Cleaned up Tooltips
  • Improved Exception information (Database disk image malformed, and disk IO error)
  • Fixed: Faulty missing game files detected warning for seperate CO installations
  • Fixed: Refreshing while the Dynamic Preset is selected will select another preset.
  • Prepared new Mod fields like mod_version, author, aliases, compatibilities, cpp_name, full_name, descripton.  These will be activated at 2.6pre
Work will soon commence on the next Milestone: v2.6

One of the first planned features is "Datagrid Row Grouping" - allowing the user to group the grids on one or several columns, for example: Grouping Mods on Category.
(WIP Example image)

Upgrade issues

In case you are experiencing issues with the Upgrade process, or starting the updater afterwards,
please remove all previously installed SU versions and shortcuts, then install the latest version available from the Download section.

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