Monday, July 11, 2011

Six Updater v2.5 RC7

Six Updater v2.5 RC7 has just been released!
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The milestone is 100% complete, this release will hopefully become the Stable release.
2.5 marks a big step forward, in league with the introduction of SU 2.0, over 120 tickets have been addressed.

This new Release Candidate addresses issues with the Setup and SixUpdateCheck self updater utility.
  • Setup package size has reduced by 40% to 7.7 MB, saving 4.7 MB (from 12.4 MB)
  • Many seperate files are now integrated in DLLs as embedded resources. Reducing time needed for Installation, Uninstallation and Upgrade. (Further improvements planned for the future).
  • If the Product Code of the new version matches the old version, a Minor upgrade (updates changed files only) will take place instead of a full upgrade (Uninstall + Ask Configuration File Remove + Reinstall)
  • You can now Cancel the downloading of upgrades. If you click Cancel, the download will be aborted, and SU will be started normally.
  • You can now override the used Upgrade method, the default is Automatic. Options are: Minor and Major. Only change these options if you have troubles upgrading.
  • FIXED: Free space reporting for locales with SPACE as digit grouping symbol.
Upgrading to this version will not be much different from previous versions, apart from the reduced file size!
The new upgrade methods take effect on the next version.

Lastly, on top of all these improvements, I am planning to reduce program updates to once/twice a week tops.

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