Monday, July 4, 2011

Six Updater v2.5 RC5

Six Updater v2.5 RC5 has just been released!
Fifth WIP report, previous at: Six Updater v2.5 RC4

The milestone is 100% complete, this release will hopefully become the Stable release.
2.5 marks a big step forward, in league with the introduction of SU 2.0, more than 100 tickets have been addressed.

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Check the v2.5 Image Gallery for more images.

  • Application Settings upgrade failures are now catched and recovered
  • Application Settings will now also be removed when uninstalling the software and answering 'yes' to "Do you want to remove the configuration files / database"
  • Comms Server section now supports adding and removing favorites.
  • Comms Server section is now persisted
  • Full support for Player Profile detection and selection (Options, and per Game Profile), the selected Profile will be used as startup parameter and e.g ACE Clippi is now launched with the player profile set in SU. Default player profile will be read from registry.
  • Free space is now correctly displayed for the mod installation folder (incl support for Junctions).
  • You receive a warning when free disk space is lower than the needed space for to-be-installed Mods
  • Added: Recent servers section to the Servers dropdown on the Home RibbonTab.
  • Added: Upgrade Notice to uninstall "Remove configuration files/database" messagebox.
  • Improved: Stability
  • Fixed: Crash on expanding a Preset in the Preset Tree
  • Fixed: Crash upon refreshing a datagrid while a row / cell is in edit mode
  • Fixed: Crash upon accessing a setting that has not been set before.
  • Fixed: Incorrect warning message is shown when official game files are missing (they are mentioned as being installed Custom Addons, instead of missing official addons).
  • Fixed: SU was asking for confirmation to allow Mod Apps to execute, even when they did not need to execute.
  • Fixed: RepoBuilder did not output progress of tools
  • Fixed: Repo FTP upload when uploading to a root folder (/) instead of a sub-folder
  • Fixed: Game Profile params processing when spaces / line ending characters are involved
  • Updated: NBug bug reporting module to v1.1
  • Internal cleanups
Work will soon commence on the v2.6 milestone.

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