Friday, July 1, 2011

Six Updater v2.5 RC4

Six Updater v2.5 RC4 has just been released!
Fourth WIP report, previous at: Six Updater v2.5 RC3

The milestone is nearly 100% complete, with a Stable release scheduled for next days.
2.5 marks a big step forward, in league with the introduction of SU 2.0, more than 100 tickets have been addressed.

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Check the v2.5 Image Gallery for more images.

  • Improved startup time
  • New / More icons implemented, thanks to Paragraphic L. Icon set nearly complete
  • Removed unneeded level from Preset Tree (was called "Presets")
  • Improved Win7 TaskBar behaviour:
    Recent items can now be pinned
    Additional taskbar icon now dynamic; icon depends on the action currently running
    Only shows additional taskbar icon when an action is running
    Jumplist performance and behaviour improved
  • Added Select Mod option to open the corresponding datagrid and select the Mod.
  • Added Dutch Translation by SteelRain
  • Improved order and behaviour of RibbonTabs
  • Removed "Edit Tools" contextual tabs, replaced with normal RibbonTabs.
  • Removed unneeded components, full setup.exe now weighs 12.5 MB.
  • Fixed: Server Monitor active even when it's Window was closed
  • Fixed: Mods Hidden filter
  • Fixed: "Create shortcut" localizations
  • Fixed: Custom Repos rsync upload would skip deleting obsolete files from remote folder, if sub-foldered mods are hosted
  • Internal cleanups 
More improvements scheduled before the Stable release.

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