Sunday, July 24, 2011

Six Updater v2.6 WIP Report #1 - pre4

Six Updater v2.6 pre4 has just been released!
First v2.6 WIP report.
The milestone is about 50% complete, with a Release Candidate scheduled in about 3 weeks.

Still looking for interested server owners, mirror hosters, developers and managers, see the About page for more info.


  • Additional information is synchronized (sync spec v2), see Mods datagrids. [Image]
    e.g: Mod Version, Author, Full Name, Description, Aliases, Unpacked Size, GUID.
  • Mod version equality is now determined not only by repo version but also by repo GUID
    Due to the GUID checking, you might get a bunch of yellow mods - just Sync with the SU portal and hit Install or Update, it should complete without downloading anything else but the .repository.yml, with the GUID added, and they will turn green again
  • Catched UIAutomationCore.dll system file missing, providing the user with support information and links.
  • If new mirrors are detected, you will be asked to run Speedtest (sorts mirrors on ping).
  • Missions are no longer processed with "join" action, only when "install" or "update" are included.
  • Added DataGrid Grouping (Right click on any column-header in any datagrid, to group or ungroup on that column). [Image]
  • Added Game manager prototype (check which game editions are detected, what versions they have and verify game file checksums. Currently accessible from the Game Profile RibbonTab) [Image]
  • Added slight delay after terminating teamspeak, before processing dll files.
  • Updated GeoIP.dat (Used for Gamespy country determination)
  • Fixed: Can't create preset from server (clone)
  • SixArmaBuilder utility is now functional:
    Takes git repository as input, and binarizes/signs the addons, and can output to folder or remote rSync/zSync repo.
    Outputs text and html changelog (template adjustable)
    Remembers which revisions it has built and only builds changes next time etc.
    Requires a config yml file, documentation soon.
  • Small tweaks to UI
  • Various small fixes and improvements,
More improvements scheduled before the Stable release.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Six Updater v2.5 Stable

Six Updater v2.5 Stable has just been released!
Previous at: Six Updater 2.5 RC7

After nearly two months of hard work, I am proud to present v2.5 Stable.

The milestone is 100% complete, and deemed Stable.
2.5 marks a big step forward, in league with the introduction of SU 2.0, over 130 tickets have been addressed.

Click image to enlarge
Check the v2.5 Image Gallery for more images.

Improvements (since RC7)
  • Basic Drag and drop support (Target: Presets (TreeView), Sources: Mods (Datagrids and TreeView), Servers, Profiles and Actions datagrids)
  • Further improved Minor MSI Upgrades: No more need to click Next-Next-Finish etc. (active for the next update)
  • Country Flags for the Server Browser (Only visible once "Include Ping+Country" is enabled, and then synced with Gamespy server list)
  • Width set for Name and Mission server browser fields - more overview
  • Monitoring of memory used by the app
  • Filtered long zsync log lines (better updater progress output),
  • Cleaned up Tooltips
  • Improved Exception information (Database disk image malformed, and disk IO error)
  • Fixed: Faulty missing game files detected warning for seperate CO installations
  • Fixed: Refreshing while the Dynamic Preset is selected will select another preset.
  • Prepared new Mod fields like mod_version, author, aliases, compatibilities, cpp_name, full_name, descripton.  These will be activated at 2.6pre
Work will soon commence on the next Milestone: v2.6

One of the first planned features is "Datagrid Row Grouping" - allowing the user to group the grids on one or several columns, for example: Grouping Mods on Category.
(WIP Example image)

Upgrade issues

In case you are experiencing issues with the Upgrade process, or starting the updater afterwards,
please remove all previously installed SU versions and shortcuts, then install the latest version available from the Download section.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Six Updater v2.5 RC7

Six Updater v2.5 RC7 has just been released!
Previous at: Six Updater v2.5 RC5

The milestone is 100% complete, this release will hopefully become the Stable release.
2.5 marks a big step forward, in league with the introduction of SU 2.0, over 120 tickets have been addressed.

This new Release Candidate addresses issues with the Setup and SixUpdateCheck self updater utility.
  • Setup package size has reduced by 40% to 7.7 MB, saving 4.7 MB (from 12.4 MB)
  • Many seperate files are now integrated in DLLs as embedded resources. Reducing time needed for Installation, Uninstallation and Upgrade. (Further improvements planned for the future).
  • If the Product Code of the new version matches the old version, a Minor upgrade (updates changed files only) will take place instead of a full upgrade (Uninstall + Ask Configuration File Remove + Reinstall)
  • You can now Cancel the downloading of upgrades. If you click Cancel, the download will be aborted, and SU will be started normally.
  • You can now override the used Upgrade method, the default is Automatic. Options are: Minor and Major. Only change these options if you have troubles upgrading.
  • FIXED: Free space reporting for locales with SPACE as digit grouping symbol.
Upgrading to this version will not be much different from previous versions, apart from the reduced file size!
The new upgrade methods take effect on the next version.

Lastly, on top of all these improvements, I am planning to reduce program updates to once/twice a week tops.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Update situation

Updates have been numerous lately, and the fact that full upgrades are being used currently (full uninstall and reinstall), makes the process lengthy and verbose.

The updates have been numerous because the changes have been extensive and bugs have been found that needed to be fixed.
The full MSI upgrades has technical reasons and as soon as v2.5 stable is released, updates will stop and the upgrade process will first be improved before the first v2.6pre build (#21665).
v2.5 will soon reach stable.

Lastly, you can easily turn off auto-update by using the --skip-autoupdate startup parameter, yet this is really not advised due to improvements available in 2.5rc and the bugs that are being fixed with the updates.

Locked in endless update cycle

If you're locked in endless update cycle, remove all traces of SU, by uninstalling any installed version and deleting old shortcuts and folders.
Then install the latest available version from the Download section.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Six Updater v2.5 RC5

Six Updater v2.5 RC5 has just been released!
Fifth WIP report, previous at: Six Updater v2.5 RC4

The milestone is 100% complete, this release will hopefully become the Stable release.
2.5 marks a big step forward, in league with the introduction of SU 2.0, more than 100 tickets have been addressed.

Click image to enlarge
Check the v2.5 Image Gallery for more images.

  • Application Settings upgrade failures are now catched and recovered
  • Application Settings will now also be removed when uninstalling the software and answering 'yes' to "Do you want to remove the configuration files / database"
  • Comms Server section now supports adding and removing favorites.
  • Comms Server section is now persisted
  • Full support for Player Profile detection and selection (Options, and per Game Profile), the selected Profile will be used as startup parameter and e.g ACE Clippi is now launched with the player profile set in SU. Default player profile will be read from registry.
  • Free space is now correctly displayed for the mod installation folder (incl support for Junctions).
  • You receive a warning when free disk space is lower than the needed space for to-be-installed Mods
  • Added: Recent servers section to the Servers dropdown on the Home RibbonTab.
  • Added: Upgrade Notice to uninstall "Remove configuration files/database" messagebox.
  • Improved: Stability
  • Fixed: Crash on expanding a Preset in the Preset Tree
  • Fixed: Crash upon refreshing a datagrid while a row / cell is in edit mode
  • Fixed: Crash upon accessing a setting that has not been set before.
  • Fixed: Incorrect warning message is shown when official game files are missing (they are mentioned as being installed Custom Addons, instead of missing official addons).
  • Fixed: SU was asking for confirmation to allow Mod Apps to execute, even when they did not need to execute.
  • Fixed: RepoBuilder did not output progress of tools
  • Fixed: Repo FTP upload when uploading to a root folder (/) instead of a sub-folder
  • Fixed: Game Profile params processing when spaces / line ending characters are involved
  • Updated: NBug bug reporting module to v1.1
  • Internal cleanups
Work will soon commence on the v2.6 milestone.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Six Updater v2.5 RC4

Six Updater v2.5 RC4 has just been released!
Fourth WIP report, previous at: Six Updater v2.5 RC3

The milestone is nearly 100% complete, with a Stable release scheduled for next days.
2.5 marks a big step forward, in league with the introduction of SU 2.0, more than 100 tickets have been addressed.

Click image to enlarge
Check the v2.5 Image Gallery for more images.

  • Improved startup time
  • New / More icons implemented, thanks to Paragraphic L. Icon set nearly complete
  • Removed unneeded level from Preset Tree (was called "Presets")
  • Improved Win7 TaskBar behaviour:
    Recent items can now be pinned
    Additional taskbar icon now dynamic; icon depends on the action currently running
    Only shows additional taskbar icon when an action is running
    Jumplist performance and behaviour improved
  • Added Select Mod option to open the corresponding datagrid and select the Mod.
  • Added Dutch Translation by SteelRain
  • Improved order and behaviour of RibbonTabs
  • Removed "Edit Tools" contextual tabs, replaced with normal RibbonTabs.
  • Removed unneeded components, full setup.exe now weighs 12.5 MB.
  • Fixed: Server Monitor active even when it's Window was closed
  • Fixed: Mods Hidden filter
  • Fixed: "Create shortcut" localizations
  • Fixed: Custom Repos rsync upload would skip deleting obsolete files from remote folder, if sub-foldered mods are hosted
  • Internal cleanups 
More improvements scheduled before the Stable release.