Saturday, June 11, 2011

Six Updater v2.5 WIP Report - Beta 4

Six Updater v2.5 Beta4 has just been released!

After several weeks of hard work, i'm proud to present the current list of changes since v2.4.

This version concentrates on improved behaviour & usability, and UI based updater progress status output.
The milestone is about 75% complete, with a Release Candidate scheduled for the next few weeks.

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Check the v2.5 Image Gallery for more images.

UI Improvements

  • UI Based Updater Progress is finally here! Includes realtime global progress output, per mod and per file, including stats and tool output.
    Be sure to enable "Internal" in the Options!
  • Last Sync and Game edition with startup params moved to the bottom of the UI
  • Advanced, Server Monitor and Detach log are now Toggle Buttons, showing the active state
  • Improved messageboxes, modal behaviour
  • New more clear Application Menu icon
  • Most UI elements are now data-bound, improving behaviour and performance
  • Local Mods dropdown moved to Mods datagrid
  • Beta and Server checkboxes properly show indetermined state.
  • Added tags to Mods in the Preset tree: S for server mod, D for dependency and L for local mod.
  • Improved status tooltip for Mods in the Preset tree
  • Right clicking a mod in the Preset tree now also visually selects it
  • A message is shown in place of the logoutput when the logoutput is detached
  • Added Comms server list and Connect button (For easy access to various teamspeak/mumble servers collected from your servers).
  • Implemented micro-progress; progress updates with child items progress
  • Minor UI tweaks

Performance improvements

  • Datagrid browsing, sorting, filtering and refreshing.
  • Improved initialization, localization and images applied before the interface is shown
  • Lifted artificial thread pool performance limitations of 1s per instantiated external program
  • Moved many static content into constants, converted strings to symbols where possible
  • Removed obsolete code and files
  • The Updater tasks now run directly in the GUI instead of seperate binary, improving performance and output
  • Missions browser performance improved, temporary disabled additional anylsis and stats.

General Improvements

  • Mod files like ACRE's TS3 plugins or Jaylib's dsound.dll will not be copied anymore if the file already exists and is of same or newer date. Otherwise, if TS3 or the game is detected running, a confirmation dialog appears to terminate the applications.
  • Enabled "Dedicated", "EqualVer" filters by default in the Server Browser (next to "Recent").
  • Improved download timeouts and recovery
  • Create a batch file instead of a shortcut if the target parameter line would be too big for a shortcut
  • Advanced Mode can be enabled/disabled anytime, even when busy
  • Improved commandline tool output when output to the GUI
  • Internal refactoring and cleanups
  • Simplified legacy console updater output to only use a single line.
  • Added Clear and Prune Server Browser cache to Options.
  • Tools like ACE Clippi can now be launched automatically before starting the game

Bug Fixes

  • Missions were processed regardless of process_missions setting
  • OA Standalone was wrongly detected as CO if there was a "Addons" folder detects
  • Recent url list in the Application Menu didn't update after opening the menu for the first time
  • Valid CustomRepos configuration was discarded and replaced with invalid data if malformed yml was downloaded from config host.
  • Main buttons remained empty (no text or image) at the first time startup
More improvements scheduled before the Stable release.

Finally, the available Mods on the official network is now nearing 150 total!
Still looking for interested server owners, developers and managers, see the About page for more info.

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