Monday, June 20, 2011

Six Updater v2.5 WIP Report #2 - Beta 5

Six Updater v2.5 Beta5 has just been released!
Second WIP report, previous at: Six Updater v2.5 WIP Report - Beta 4

After nearly 2 weeks of hard work, i'm proud to present the latest improvements since the previous report.
The latest changes have mostly been internal refactoring to improve performance and behaviour, and both, changes and results, are significant.
The milestone is about 80% complete, with a Release Candidate scheduled for next week.

Still looking for interested server owners, developers and managers, see the About page for more info.

Performance Improvements
  • Switching presets and updating the Preset tree on the left is fast
  • Datagrid sorting is lighting fast
  • Datagrid scrolling is lightning fast
  • Switching to Edit Tools -> Preset is fast now also the first time
  • Switching to Datagrid tabs is lightning fast
  • Filtering/Searching is fast
  • Filtered loading of datagrids is fast
  • Refreshing large datagrids while sorted on a column no longer takes too long - so now even the bigger datagrids will keep sorting order when filtering/refreshing the datagrid!
  • ComboBoxes with associations in DataGrids performance fixed; so now we finally can change e.g Profile, Action and Server within the Presets Datagrid  
  • Resizing the window while a datagrid is visible, is now fast
  • Other minor performance improvements here and there. 
Memory usage and initialization time are two aspects I want to improve in the near future, probably for early v2.6 builds.

UI Improvements

  • Most changes made to data will reflect realtime throughout the UI (still some todos left)
  • TabItems are no longer locked when busy, instead you can't execute actions when another is running. Datagrids themselves are still locked until I've disabled editing while busy. 
  • Refresh buttons for Last Sync, Last Gamespy Sync and Last Speedtest
  • Last Sync, Last Gamespy Sync and Last Speedtest now have Red foreground instead of Red background when long ago.
  • All path fields (e.g in Options and datagrids) support FolderBrowse and OpenFile Dialogs, double click in the field, or click on the "..." button to browse.
  • UI Based Updater status output now also includes completed / total items count.
  • Minor UI cleanups and alignments

General Improvements

  • ModApps like placing dsound.dll into game exe folder etc, didn't work if the Modfolder didn't exist beofre running the updater action. 
More improvements scheduled before the Stable release.

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