Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Six Updater v2.5 RC3 (Critical update)

Important Notice:
RC3 has been released with a new MSI product code, and performs a full upgrade.
Hopefully this resolves issues people have been experiencing past day.
Note: The upgrade process might occur twice, and you should not need to to remove the Configuration filse and database.

If you can't start the updater anymore because it crashes, please uninstall all old versions, and install the latest version from the Download Section.

Sorry for the hassle.

  • Fixed MSI upgrade issues
  • The updater no longer launches the SixUpdateCheck utility if there is no update to download
  • Fixed and cleaned up handling of settings like remembering Modes and RepoBuilder settings.
  • Game Profiles Params field is now editable in the Game Profiles Datagrid
See previous (RC2) announcement for full release details.

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