Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stable, Pre-Release, Support and Bug Reporting

SU is available as Stable version, and as Prerelease version.
To stick to stable releases, one can disable the auto-self-update feature.

Pre-Release versions are considered Unstable, but updates with fixes and improvements are dispatched nearly daily.
The quality of these builds largely depends on your feedback and bug reports, therefore I would humbly request to report issues ASAP to the Support disqus box, or preferably the Issue Tracker.
Critical issues are often solved within a very short time after reporting.

Update: 2011-06-24
An unhandled exception dialog has been added with the option to add a description with repro steps, the ability to cancel or send a report (sent after next application startup) and a link to the Support page.

Rants are not useful nor welcome, don't forget you are enjoying free software and services here, please respect volunteer free time.

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